Norwell Lighting for Brass Lighting Fixtures

There was a time when lighting fixtures were just seen as mere light emitting objects and nothing more. But times have changed and now both homemakers and interior designers consider light fixtures as an integral part of interior design. Even lighting manufacturers have realized the importance of design and aesthetics in their products and often keep design as one of their prime priorities during the manufacture.

Brass lighting fixtures with their authentic rustic looks have created their own demand in the world of interior design, despite the popularity of minimalistic, contemporary lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures with their rustic appearances are not only used as articrafts for decor purposes but also showcased as antique lighting fixtures by many homeowners. Though the history of brass lighting fixtures dates back to 18th and 19th centuries, not much has changed the way they are designed. Though the oil and the wick are replaced by sophisticated LED bulbs, the shape and form of these brass lighting fixtures still remain the same. Norwell Lighting is one of the best brass lighting manufacturers in the whole of the US and an industry leader for more than 75 years. We will discuss more about this revered lighting manufacturer, the brass lighting fixtures it offers and the techniques it uses in its metallic finishes. Read on.

Norwell Lighting- About the Company

The distinguished company has been an industry leader in the US for more than 75 years and is mainly known for its high quality solid brass interior and exterior lighting. The company has years of experience in the manufacture of residential lighting fixtures and offers a diverse array of products excluding its flagship brass lighting fixtures. From historic reproductions to contemporary designs, the artisans, designers and craftsmen at Norwell Lighting can take any kind of custom order and deliver finished products. ILEX Architectural Lighting and Davis Muller Lighting, the hospitality and commercial lighting wing of Norwell Lighting have created lighting for big names like The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank, just to name a few. Lastly, though it has been more than 75 years, the company has never failed to innovate and evolve with the changing interior design and lighting trends. The focus has always been on delivering high quality, beautifully designed brass lighting fixtures.

Norwell Lighting and Its Products

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that are practically used everywhere. From bathrooms to highlighting art, sconces can be easily placed on any wall and they are good to go. Wall sconces and bathroom sconces from Norwell Lighting come in a wide array of minimalistic, contemporary designs and shapes. All of sconces are strictly made from high quality, solid brass and adorned with a wide variety of metallic finish at the end.

2. Pendants

Norwell Lighting also specializes in the manufacture of beautiful to look at, aesthetically pleasing pendants for dining areas and kitchens. Minimalistic in nature and embodying a contemporary form, these pendants made from solid brass are also available in a variety of metallic finishes. Aged bronze, architectural bronze and brushed nickel are few of those metallic finishes.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are indeed the true definition of rustic light fixtures and certainly they are also one of the flagship products of Norwell Lighting. These onion lights are specially designed to imitate the actual onion lights that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Designed for exterior lighting and equipped with LED bulbs, these onion lights are made from solid brass that can withstand extreme conditions like sun and rain. Both wall and post attachable variants are available with the manufacturer.

Metallic Finish Available With Norwell Lighting

Be it rustic lighting fixtures or contemporary ones, the final finishing is very important for the fixture to look beautiful and polished. Especially metallic finishes add their own distinct characteristic to the fixture and accentuate its look and feel. Aged brass, architectural bronze, brushed nickel, polished nickel, sienna, verde, chrome, brushed chrome etc. are few of the most popular metallic finishes Norwell Lighting offers. Acid dipping, hand dipping, hand rubbing, painting and plating are few of the techniques used to give these metallic finishes.

Five Important Factors to Consider While Buying Picture Lights

Art galleries and museums are the sole protectors of notable art works and every artist’s getaway places for inspiration. Though these centers are visited by thousands of art enthusiasts every day, most of them look at the displayed art works and don’t think much about the maintenance of these galleries. But the owners of these art centers know the work that goes into the maintenance and unanimously agree with the integral role picture lights play in their maintenance. Not only museum and gallery owners, even interior designers and art enthusiast homeowners know the importance of picture lights in interior design.

Picture lights not only highlight the art works at display but also play a decisive role in deciding the look and feel of the art work. Appropriate lighting is very essential to ensure the integrity of these art works so that there are no notable changes when they are illuminated. Be it acrylic colors or oil paints, colors look different under different lights and hence museum owners must carefully choose the picture lights to retain the originality of the art works. Although, a lot of things that can go wrong while choosing picture lights and here’s everything you need to know about making the right choice.

1. Type of Lighting Used

Of all the factors to be considered, type of lighting used is the most important consideration to be made before buying picture lights. As mentioned before, art works take different forms under different light settings. Here’s a brief description of how they look under incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting.

Incandescent- It is wise to choose incandescent lights only if the pictures are composed of primary colors red and yellow, and complementary colors like blue and green. Unless otherwise, incandescent lights might alter the appearance of the art works displayed.

Fluorescent- Though fluorescent lights are one of the favorites of commercial and residential lighting owing to their energy efficiency and clean light, they are not so famous when it comes to picture lights. This is because fluorescent lights normally alter the appearance and emit strong UV rays that might damage the art work as well.

Halogen- Known for their bright and clean white light, halogen bulbs are certainly one of the favorites of art gallery and museum owners. Though halogen bulbs do not alter the appearance of art works, care must be taken to place these lights far from art works as they emit a lot of heat when illuminated.

LED- LEDs, the hot new favorite of the lighting industry is the most preferred type of light bulb for picture lights. They emit natural sunlight, have high focus, consume very less energy and have long lives extending up to 50,000 hours.

2. Size of the Picture Lights

Next important consideration to be made while buying picture lights is their size as the size of the illuminating light plays a decisive role in the appearance of the art work at display. Normally the fixture size must be ½ or 1/3rd of width of the frame if it is a landscape and ½ of the width of the frame if it is a portrait. This ensures that the picture light is neither too big nor too small for the picture frame.

3. Dimmers and Wireless Technology

Use of automatic dimmers and wireless remote control technology to control the lighting preferences of the picture lights is totally up to the museum owner. Before buying the lights from lighting stores ensure if you need these additional accessories and if yes, buy only those picture lights that comply with these modern technologies.

4. Different Styles of Picture Lights

There are mainly four different styles of picture lights based on their form and function namely, wall mounted picture lights, ceiling mounted picture lights, clamp on and freestanding picture lights. Based on the colors used in the picture frame and space availability, choose one of the four which best suits your requirement.

5. Color, Shape and Style of Picture Lights

Picture lights are available in many color shades namely bronze, brass, silver, gold and black, most of which come in fine metallic finish. While Contemporary and Slimline are the most popular styles of picture lights, lengthy bar lights and round spot lights are the most preferred shapes of picture lights.

Beautiful Interior Lighting Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

There are many interior design elements that go into designing the most enchanting and functional interiors for residences and office spaces. Out of those numerous interior design elements, lighting is one of the most important ones. Not only it decides the existence and placement of other elements but also defines their structure, form and function. Be it color, texture, patterns or furniture, lighting accentuates every other interior design element and becomes an inseparable part of all well-lit and well-decorated residences.

Lighting fixtures apart from being functional and efficient sources of light are also beautiful décor items that give a character to the living space and blend with the pre-defined theme. Norwell Lighting is an all American lighting manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing these high-quality, durable and functional lighting fixtures made from brass for residential and commercial purposes. Here’s how you can decorate your house interiors from the exhaustive collection of brass lighting fixtures from one of America’s finest lighting manufacturers, Norwell Lighting.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Out of the many types of lighting fixtures (, metal lighting fixtures and that too the ones made from brass are of high regard amongst style-conscious home owners and interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are mainly retro themed as light fixtures made from brass were widely used in the colonial times of the 18th and 19th century in England. Owing to their natural, rustic appearance and authenticity, these fixtures are still highly regarded and have earned an antique status among interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are as functional as any other lighting fixtures, but also come with the form and design that is unmatched and distinct from any other modern lighting fixture. They can be accommodated with all kinds of lighting technologies including incandescent, fluorescent, LED and halogen lights.

History of Norwell Lighting

Only few lighting manufacturers can attempt to achieve the feat that Norwell Lighting has made possible. Having a grand history of more than 75 years, the manufacturer still remains to cater all forms of lighting styles ranging from traditional and historical reproductions to clean and contemporary light fixtures for modern homes. The manufacturer has constantly evolved with time and over the course has managed to keep up with the expectations of its customers, keeping quality and unique designs as its two main priorities. Brass lighting fixtures from Norwell Lighting are suited for both residential and commercial purposes, adorning both interiors and exteriors with full features and functionality. They have a wide range of brass made products to decorate the interiors of well-designed residences. Here is a list of those amazing lighting products.

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that have a wide range of applications as they are used as task lights in various parts of the house including living area, study room, bed room, bathroom and hallways. Wall sconces create an ambient atmosphere around them by providing ambient light and are widely used to highlight art pieces, picture frames and other interior décor items. Wall sconces from Norwell lighting are themselves an art piece as they are strictly made from brass and radiate a rustic appearance.

2. Pendants

Pendant lights are normally hung over kitchen islands and dining tables as sources of light as well as attractive centerpieces. Norwell Lighting manufactures pendants made from brass in a wide range of metal finishes and styles. Architectural Bronze, Aged Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Gun Metal, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Pewter, Sienna etc. are few of the most popular metal finishes available on pendant lights made of brass.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are those light fixtures whose origins date back to as early as 18th century. Originally from Europe, Onion lights are made from brass and are characterized by a metal shield that holds an onion shaped, clear glass container within. Inside the glass container lies the light bulb which can be either incandescent, fluorescent or halogen, based on the level of brightness and energy efficiency preferred. Onion lights from Norwell Lighting can be used to light the hallways of interiors, staircases and also used as outdoor lights as they are highly durable, incredibly bright and dead gorgeous to look at.

George Kovac Lighting: Why Is It Popular?

The name, George Kovac has almost become a synonym of quality lighting for quite some time now. Hence, it is not a wonder why everybody who constructs new buildings or wishes to renovate their existing lighting arrangements goes for this particular brand. One of the significant aspects that prompt customers to go for George Kovac brands is the high functionality of the same. The company takes special care to introduce highly functional lighting fixtures, every now and again. Besides, all of the products come out with artistic designs, and are capable of passing on modishness to the related areas. This distinctiveness makes George Kovac lamps special. You can find different products that are suitable for varied lighting requirements; there are wonderful sconces, marvelous looking chandeliers and pendants, and floor and table lamps, etc.

George Kovac Lighting: Why Is It Popular? 

By using George Kovac lighting fixtures, you can perform the indoor and outdoor lighting tasks with ease, and at the same time, in a thoroughly professional manner. These products will give you long-lasting quality service, as the manufacturing company takes special care to use superior materials in the production process. The application of the most modern technological inputs is yet another striking feature that makes George Kovac lighting fixtures all the rage. Another striking feature of this brand is that one can buy them without spending heavily; you can buy them even by staying within your low budget. Additionally, this inexpensive nature does not affect the quality of the product, and this is indeed a superb trait.

Popular George Kovac Lighting Fixtures

Chandeliers: The meticulous way of designing makes this product extremely spectacular. Furthermore, they are very much economical. You can use these magnificent chandeliers to juice up your key interior spaces, which usually get more attention from the guests.

Pendants: The basic attractive traits of this product are the great functional nature and the stylish look; you can find a wide range of elegant pendants that will go well with a small bar top or large foyer.

Ceiling Fixtures: You can find semi-flush and flesh mount ceiling fixtures that will merge with the existing interior embellishments. Installing these items is a good way to bring in alluring appearance. Moreover, these items are inexpensive and will not damage your wallet greatly.

Bath and Wall Sconces: George Kovac creates a broad spectrum of bath and wall sconces, which will go well with all styles of house interiors. In our time, bathrooms have prime importance and generally embroidered richly. Fixing attractive bath sconces is one of the ways to make this portion attractive. You can find different types of the same such as bath bars, single light, and multiple light sconces.

Table Lamps and Desk Lamps: George Kovac molds cute looking and durable table/desk lamps, and these have high popularity. The modish look makes them a suitable appendage on all trendy tables and desks; in addition to this, the long-life feature is indeed an added advantage.

Floor Lamps: These days, the application of floor lamps ( has become common; you can set up special shade effects in certain sections of the interior areas by using these lamps. There is an extensive range of George Kovacs floor lamps; this includes a good collection of fancy lamps, arc lamps, pharmacy lamps, multicolored Torchieres, etc. This gives you the freedom to pick the most suitable ones for your specific need.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: George Kovacs LED sconces have gained broad acceptance, because, they not only infuse beauty to the exterior wall surface but also will give you dependable long service.

Advantages of Buying Lighting Fixtures Online

  • There will be a broad collection of varied types of contemporary lighting fixtures; you can pick the most apposite ones to make your indoor and outdoor lighting superb.
  • You can enjoy free and safe delivery service.
  • You will be eligible for volume/trade discounts.
  • Some of the leading online stores provide low price guarantee.
  • If you want to change a placed order, you can use the ‘easy return’ facility.

Of course, online shopping has become a recent trend; this is because, the process is effortless. However, you will have to confirm that the online store from where you purchase is a dependable depot and managed in a professional manner. You must definitely take the experience of the dealer in dealing similar items into consideration. Another matter that you must bear in mind is the popularity of the trader; commonly accepted agencies will store only good quality items that are worth buying.

What is a Double LED Recessed Light?

Recessed LED lights are getting popular for domestic lighting. They are also called can lights. Double LED recessed lights use two lamps in the same housing. The trim can be changed to suit the decor of the room. Additionally, the trim adds a decorative element and helps reflect the light correctly. Canister lights are set into the housing, so the lamp does not project outward. So double LED recessed lights are quite unobtrusive compared to flush and semi-flush fixtures. While conventional incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps are less expensive, LED recessed lights are lighter and cheaper to run.

Applications of Double LED Recessed Lights

Double LED recessed lights can be used for ambient lighting, task lighting, spot lighting and flood lighting ( The type of light beam output depends on the kind of spread and type of trim used in the fixture. Narrow beams are suitable for spot lighting while wide beams are suitable for floodlighting and ambient lighting. Coming to the kinds of trim, baffle trim is ribbed on the inside and reduces flare and light reflection. Lensed trim uses a glass cover to cover the lamp and other inside parts. The light produced is diffused and soft. Eyeball, gimbal and wallwasher trims are adjustable and help focus the beam for accent lighting. Recessed lights can be used in homes, restaurants, art galleries and other interior and exterior locations where the lighting plan calls for unobtrusive fixtures.

Advantages of using LEDs in recessed lights

LED lamps emit more lumens of light per watt of energy consumed. They also do not heat up as much as CFLs and incandescent, which give off 80% and 90% of energy as heat respectively. The extra amount of heat also means the air conditioning systems have to work more and consume more power as well. LEDs also have an operating life above 25,000 hours compared to 8000 hours for CFLs and 3000 hours for filament bulbs. So a single LED would remain in operation while multiple conventional lamps are changed during the same period. As we consider, the costs over the entire life of the lamp, LED lamps pay back more both in energy costs and new purchases. They are also sturdier than other lamps and easier to install. The output and color tone can also be changed on specific models.

LEDs are Safe for the Environment

CFLs use mercury in their production which has been proven to have harmful effects on nervous systems. Incandescent lamps use filaments made of tungsten alloy which is produced by mining the earth. In comparison, LED lamps are produced using conventionally available semiconductor materials and plastics or glass. Their longer life also makes sure landfills don’t brim over with discarded pieces. As LED lamps gain widespread acceptance, we could see a total saving of 348 Trillion watt-hours of electricity by 2027. This means we will reduce our dependence on polluting power plants. With reducing demand on conventional plants, renewable energy from wind and sun will become more popular.

LEDs produce highly directional light, so they are most suitable for down lighting and recessed lights. However, diffuser lens can be used to produce diffused light from LEDs. They are also fully controllable with dimmers and photo sensors, so the light output can be adjusted with the ambient light in the room. The light output from LEDs is very flicker free and uniform. In office environments, badly designed lighting can reduce productivity levels. Very bright lighting induces weariness while dim lighting induces eye strain among workers. Designers also try to introduce as much ambient lighting in the room as it has a soothing effect on workers. Precisely designed LED lighting can reduce strain and improve workers productivity levels.

Tips for Installing Double LED Recessed Lights

Lighting experts advise that recessed lights should be installed in accordance with a lighting plan. The total output of the installed lights should match the desired light wattage level in the room. Often, LED lamps are rated with 5 to 8 watts of output, which is equivalent to about 45 to 60 watt output of incandescent or fluorescent lamps, so the total number of lamps installed can be adjusted accordingly. The lamps should be installed at fixed distances from each other to prevent the formation of dark zones in the room. Angled lights can be adjusted by considering the position of the beam for task lighting.

Cree OSQ Series Lights for Parking Lots, Area Lighting, Storage and Security Lighting Applications

The Cree OSQ series consists of area flood lights which can be used for parking lots and playgrounds with minimal installation hassles and excellent output. Cree Lighting is a well-known name in the lighting sector. The firm has been at the vanguard of a new change in the sector, with pioneering innovations such as the first blue LED lights brought to market and the earliest LEDs suitable for general lighting. The firm ventured into outdoor lighting through an acquisition in 2011 and has since continued its legacy of innovation with the brand new OSQ series.

Design Factor

Cree OSQ series lamps have remarkably slim profiles and elegant proportions within the limitations of commercial design. The different color options on offer include white, black, bronze and silver. Some optional add-ons to the luminaire are field adjustable output, photocell receptacle and rotation capability. With field adjustable output, the light produced by the lamp can be tuned depending on the existing conditions at the place of installation. A photocell can help in ultra-precise switching by responding to changes in current ambient light. With rotation capability, the head of the lamp can be moved manually if required.


The Cree OSQ series lamps can be used in parking lots, airport lighting, dealership lighting, campus lighting, school and college exterior lighting, government facility lighting, hospital lighting, municipal lighting, petroleum and convenience lighting, parks and recreation venue lighting, restaurant and grocery lighting and roadway lighting. The lamps can replace even 750W HID light sources at the maximum capacity. Lumen output ranges from 3000K to 5700K. The fixtures also come with a ten –year limited warranty.

History of LED in lighting

Nick Holonyak Jr. is credited with developing the first visible-spectrum LED while working in GE in 1962. LEDs use semiconductor diodes to produce light using the reverse photoelectric effect- applying an electric current across the diode causes it to give off energy in the form of light. A cluster of LEDs is used to provide the required light output. The light from blue, green and red light emitters is combined to create white light. The light given off by LEDs is directional, as compared to other lamps which give off diffused lights. This makes them optimal for downlights for parking and security lighting. A diffuser lens can be used to spread the directional light of LEDs for other applications. While early LEDs gave off only cool light tones, warm tone bulbs are also available for sale today. The output and color tone can also be changed on specific models. Innovative approaches like dimmers, photosensors and daylight harvesting can be coupled with LED lighting system to save even more energy by adjusting the light output of the LED lamps in sync with the amount of ambient light in the surrounding environment.

Switching and Dimming Can be Controlled

A large space like a warehouse lot would use a large number of Cree OSQ series lights. Their light output and switching times can be easily controlled by computer or a lighting panel. The lamps can be dimmed when more ambient light is available and brightened during the night hours. This can save additional energy and help pay back the cost of investment faster.

Why are LEDs safer for the environment?

LEDs emit more lumens of light per watt of electricity used in comparison to fluorescent and incandescent lamps. They are made from environmentally safer materials unlike fluorescent lamps which contain traces of mercury.

LEDs Last Longer

LEDs do not depend on filaments like conventional LED lamps (, so they offer about eight times more operating hours. This means Cree OSQ series lights do not have to go through frequent maintenance to replace nonfunctional lamps. The construction is also much more durable than that of fluorescent or incandescent lamps, so they do not get damaged easily by a knock. Both these factor bring down maintenance costs considerably.

Save on Cooling Costs

Cree LED lights are more efficient in converting electricity to light unlike fluorescent and incandescent lamps, which use give off 80% and 90% energy as waste heat respectively.

LEDs are Fully Bright When Turned On

LED Lights do not flicker when turned on unlike fluorescent lamps. They also do not require any warming up period unlike traditional High intensity Discharge (HID) Lights take time to warm up to provide full output.

Modern Lamps Give a Finishing Touch to Your Home

Lamps and lampshades have evolved from being objects used for lighting up homes to accessories that play a crucial role in interior décor. Modern lamps come in a wide range of styles and designs. From single bulbs that highlight artifacts on the walls to a series of embedded bulbs that illuminate foyers, contemporary lamps add an extra charm to your home. Here’s a look at the some popular, modern lights that give your dwellings, a perfect finishing touch.


Chandeliers are ceiling light fixtures, generally characterized by ornate, intricate patterns and the use a crystal or glass pieces. Modern chandeliers, however, are simple, sleek, and stylish and use materials like aluminum, brass, iron and a combination of metals or composites.

Though generally placed in the living area and foyers, chandeliers, in current times, can be found in almost any room of the house – the new favorites include the entrance, kitchen, and bathroom. New trends have also given rise to a separate class of these lighting fixtures called mini chandeliers that are used in corner areas and small rooms.

Chandeliers are chosen depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling – larger the room, the bigger the chandelier that can be hung. Also, they are placed at such a height so that they are neither too close to the heads of people when they stand, sit etc., nor hung right below the ceiling. They work best when combined with dimming options.


Pendants are lighting fixtures similar to chandeliers and are used either for ambient or task lighting purposes. Though found over kitchen counters, islands and dining tables, pendant lights can be used in almost any area of the house including hallways, staircases, and bedrooms. Depending on the size (small, medium or large), pendants can be used individually or as a group to illuminate a desired area. Single pendants, when placed close to the ceiling create a dramatic effect of light and shadow. Multiple pendants work great over long tables and bar counters.

Since they are hung from ceilings, pendants, like chandeliers, need to be placed at an appropriate height from the area that it illuminates.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces, as the name suggests, are lighting fixtures mounted on walls. They are popularly used for task lighting, such as reading lamps beside the bed. The availability of multiple and flexible arms make them easy to use in such cases. They are also used as accent lighting and are placed on either side of an art object or over an architectural element.

Wall sconces come as single or multiple lamp shades within one fixture. A popular brand in this segment of lighting accessories is George Kovacs, which is known for its elegant and stunning designs.

A great advantage of wall sconces is that, unlike pendants and chandeliers, they can be placed the exteriors of the house. This makes them a popular choice in driveways and boundary walls. Also, they can be placed at any height from the ceiling or floor as long as they serve the purpose they are intended for.

Track Lights

Track lights are contemporary light fixtures in which multiple light ‘heads’ are mounted onto a single supporting frame or the ‘track’. They are fixed to the ceiling and work well in accent and task lighting purposes. Track lights come in handy when the room does not have sufficient space for chandeliers and pendants. They are usually available in linear or geometric patterns, but can be customized to the shape required.

Track lights are highly versatile lighting fixtures. Their heads can be rotated and made to point in any direction or angle required. However, they are not suggested for use in rooms with low ceilings.

Modern lighting solutions also include other fixtures such as floor lamps, table lamps (, bath sconces etc. Their placement and use is determined by the purpose and function that they serve.

Buy Modern Light Fixtures to Adorn Your Room

Interior Decoration Decides the Homey Nature

Interior decoration is one of the vital tasks of building creation; when done flawlessly, this will translate the basic structure into a homey state. Therefore, take care to perform this task in a professional way. You can get rid of the plainness of the building, as well as bring in more functionality by methodically bedecking the interiors. Besides, the well-designed interior decoration will surely add up the market value of the building. Interior beautification work is basically a composition of diverse tasks such as deciding on the color of the walls, formulating space arrangement plans, choosing the nature & shades of the flooring tiles, procuring the required furniture and other accessories, installing window blinds, drapes, or curtains, and fixing the light arrangements.

Adorn Your Room with Modern Light Fixtures

Light has the power to change the mental vibes of individuals. The dazzling rays of the sun will make one and all active and spirited. When the overall environment becomes dusky, then that automatically will affect the mindset of individuals. It is the same situation when one stays within the interiors. Hence, you should adjust the light arrangements exactly in tune with the significance of the area. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen area, bathrooms all need special kinds of light treatments. Moreover, the light fixtures should match the place, the color of the walls, floor tiles, the window drapes/blinds, and the furniture. You can consult a specialized interior decoration agency for the same. Remember, when you adorn your room with modern lights fixtures, the aesthetic beauty of the room will amplify.

Buying Online is Economical

In our time, online purchasing has become the most economical way of procuring all kinds of goods. The process of buying light fixtures is also not an exception. The method is not only inexpensive, but also effective. You will get the chance to see a grand collection of diverse brands of products and so, you can pick the most appropriate ones. By this way, you are sure to get the full worth of the money you spend. However, you will have to find out dependable websites first that store adequate quantity of quality products. You can discern whether a company is trustworthy or not by visiting the ‘About Us’, ‘Home’ pages, or the ‘customer reviews’. Concisely speaking, if a company has decades of experience to its credit, then for sure that company is fully experienced.

Top Brands to Try to Adorn Your Room with Modern Light Fixtures

Make sure to select avant-garde products that will fit the bill for your precise necessity. Fortunately, there is a whole bunch of such products in the present-day market. For instance, you can certainly go for brands such as ‘Corbett’, ‘Besa Lighting’, ‘CSL Lighting’, ‘ET2 Lighting’, ‘Fanimation’, ‘Hudson Valley Lighting’, ‘Varaluz’, ‘Sonneman’, ‘Holkoetter’, etc. These are just a few; you can find a good array of stylish light fixtures. This is another real good thing about efficiently run online electrical stores. You can find all of the major popular brands of light fixtures ( in their showcases.

Top Reasons Why You Should Shop from Professionally Run Websites

•  You will have the chance to compare the prices of various brands. This facility assures that you are getting cost-effective light fittings that do not compromise on quality. The relevant pages of the website will have the images of the products and their price; you can grasp a correct picture about the physical shape and the cost.

•  You can also give a call to such dealers (the number will be given in the related websites) to have a personal discussion with a professional designer. You can describe your requirements, and the designer will assist you in picking the suitable fixtures. Concurrently, you can also visit the showroom if you find the place is proximate.

•  Top rated online stores offer free shipping. This is a tempting feature indeed, because, you are getting safe transportation without additional costs.

•  Express shipping, which provides speedy delivery, facility will be available.

•  ‘Low price guarantee’, ‘volume/trade discounts’ are the other attractive attributes.

•  You can also expect to get a sales tax exemption under certain conditions.

•  Excellent return policy is an added incentive.

•  You can enjoy full privacy and security. This is a highly significant matter and certainly all customers will appreciate this one.

So, if you wish to adorn your room with modern light fixtures, first find out reliable online lighting stores. You are sure to get quality products from such websites.

Illuminate Your Home with Lighting Fixtures from Northeast Lantern

Northeast Lantern is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to lantern fixtures. Lantern fittings have been used across numerous homes in the country from past many years to illuminate outdoors. However, recently lanterns are being frequently mounted as decorative fixtures in home interiors as well.

Northeast Lantern – An Introduction

Northeast Lantern was founded in the year 1987 by a young crafter, Skip Heal. He wanted to open his own lighting shop and sell his copper and brass light products. But, what began as a small dream has now flourished into a full-fledged and leading brand in lighting industry. Skip, along with his children, Chris and Jamie, has developed his company into a popular manufacturer of light fixtures. Their workshop is located in Exeter, New Hampshire and employs more than thirty expert craftsmen. They also have their team of dedicated retailers, who sell their products in parts of Canada and all across the United States.

Some Popular Light Fittings from the House of Northeast Lantern

With decorators and interior professionals emphasizing on the importance of light fittings in any interior decoration project, people have also started realising their significance in creating a specified feel and atmosphere in their homes. This has led to a vast increase in the variety and styles of lighting fixtures. Compared to Arroyo Craftsman, Northeast Lantern is most known for its lantern fittings, but they also offer many other interesting products in their catalogue. Some of the other popular Northeast Lantern fittings include chandeliers, sconces and flush mounts. These products are available in various finishes and styles. However, in rare case that you are still not able to find that perfect fixture for your house, you can opt for their customized range of products. Customization is the USP of Northeast Lanterns and over 20% of their sales are under this category.

Selecting Northeast Lantern Fittings for Your House

Each area has its specific part to play in every day scenario and this has to be kept in mind while planning your lighting arrangement. Lights can work as mood enhancers and also for functional use like cooking and reading. You should try and find a perfect balance of personality and functionality while selecting your light fixtures. Here are a few things to consider before buying light fixtures for your house:

1.  Size

Size of your light fittings is a very important criterion while buying your fixtures. Quite often you buy smaller sized fittings by mistake. The reason behind this is that when you see a fitting in the showroom, you see it upfront and from a close distance, and hence it appears bigger. And when you mount the same fitting in your house and see it from a distance, it looks smaller than before. To avoid this, it is advised that you buy each fixture in one size bigger than what seems perfect to you.

2.  Placement

Select the place where you want to mount the light fixture, before selecting the fitting itself. Each area in your house has different lighting requirements and you should pick your fixtures according to that need. For example, while a chandelier ( will be suitable for living or dining area, an over the counter light will be perfect for the kitchen. Similarly, the delicately carved indoor lighting fixtures will not suit in the extreme weather conditions of outdoors.

3.  Amount of Light

Here are a few general rules used as a guide to decide the wattage required for various lighting needs:

•  For outdoors, you should opt for 60-75 watts of normal incandescent lighting or go with 20 watts of energy saving CFL for each fixture.

•  For reading, 40 to 50 watts of lighting is advised as it provides enough illumination without creating shadows.

•  For working on computer, it is suggested that the overall light should not be brighter than the computer screen. Sixty watts of light from desk lamp in addition to ambient lighting will be perfect for the purpose.

•  For bathrooms, 60 to 80 watts of lighting should be enough to provide illumination required for carrying out various tasks like shaving, applying makeup, etc. Instead of opting for one piece, you can even choose to mount two sconces, one on the each side of the mirror.

So, keep these tips in mind while buying Northeast Lantern light fixtures for your home and achieve a balance of functionality and decor to make the most of your lighting scheme!

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