Beautify Your Interiors with Troy Lighting

The beauty of a home lies in the many things that adorn in, one of which is the lighting. Such fixtures that illuminate interior spaces in home have a big role to play in the aesthetics too. Many brands in the market cater to home lighting needs. A leader in this domain is Troy lighting, a brand known for its sophisticated casual aesthetics. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Troy lighting has decorated indoor and outdoor areas of the finest home worldwide. Their catalogue of products is filled with unique inspirations that exhibit quality, design, and unmatched value. The brand offers a wide range of lighting products and solutions for interior spaces. In different styles such as classic, industrial, modern, natural inspiration, rustic, and vintage, these light fixtures are able to cater to illumination and design needs of any home design around any theme.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers large lights that hang from the ceiling using chains or cables. They typically act as a focal point in a room, setting the tone and style for the entire space. The range of such light fixtures offered by Troy lighting makes a bold statement in any room or interior area. From products with a classic appeal to those that exude model sculptural influences, these chandeliers function as masterpieces in any room. The many options of these large lights offered by the brand meet even the most sophisticated of needs and design standards. From simple designs with Edison lamps to elaborate ones with candelabra lights in multi layers and multi-tier formats, Troy lighting chandeliers serve as nothing less than breathtaking pieces.

  • Pendant lights

Light pendants are chandeliers stately brothers. They too hang from the ceiling, but unlike the chandelier typically have only a single, eye-catching piece. This does not mar the grandeur in anyway. They illuminate spaces and lend style elaborately but a tad differently. Pendant lights are extremely versatile, making them an ideal choice for just about any place in home interiors. At staggered heights over a kitchen island, as a single piece over the entry door, or a row that dons a hallway, these pendant lights are capable of adorning any space in the home with the multiple placements options.

  • Wall sconces

Wall sconces add to the ambient light in rooms. They are often the added detail that make interior spaces complete. They also have a functional role to play as an aesthetic one. In location such as a long dark hallway, these lights are often what bring in much necessary illumination. In areas such as the dining and kitchen, wall sconces present style that add to the character and enhance the ambience of the room. From upward facing single light products to dual light designs with convertible options and multiple light sources, the choice of Troy lighting sconces are plentiful and unique.

  • Mounted ceiling fixtures

As with chandeliers, full and semi flush mount add general lighting to interior spaces. However, beyond illumination, these mounted ceiling fixtures are capable of adding a dramatic effect to any enclosed space. They are a stylish addition to rooms that crave for the beauty of a pendant but cannot accommodate its size. Within such space restrictions, semi flush and full flash mounts are the space saving versions that radiate style and light. In a wide range of sizes, diameter, and lamping options, flush and semi flush mount lights by Troy lighting cater to illumination needs in large and small spaces alike.

In addition to the above, Troy lighting also offers linear lights for different rooms in the home. They also offer vanity lights for bathrooms. Light fixtures by this brand transcend time and feature redefined handcrafted workmanship that is strikingly eclectic, sophisticated, and unique.

Troy Lighting – Only Stylish Sconces

Wall Sconces are quite predictable in design, so much so that home buyers cast their net far and wide to find interesting pieces for their home. The variations in most designs are quite predictable, which may suit most buyers. However, there is a significant section of customers who like quirkily designed lighting fixtures. Troy Lighting is one firm that has broken conventions in wall sconces. The firm’s designers appear to delight in blurring the boundaries between form and function in many of their sconces. The firm calls its design approach a sophisticated casual aesthetic. Broadly, Troy Lightings sconces may be grouped into ornamental, industrial style and Nature Influenced categories. Let’s take a look at the range.

Ornamental Sconces

Troy Lighting’s ornamental sconces are designed to evoke classic designs with polished bronze finishes and elaborate metal work. The firm deviates from convention by using less-widely used materials like hand-worked iron and wrought iron which give the sconces a pre-Industrial look. Some of the iron sconces introduced by Troy Lighting are Chime Ada, Corsica, Pier 39 and Pompeii. The outfit also has a baroque European range of sconces with plenty of polished bronze and crystal-cut glass. Luxembourg, Siena, Seville and Delacroix look like mini chandeliers with hanging bead shades and crystal drops. Geometry-inspired sconces like Vortex with its iron spiral and Insight with a perfect circle for holding the base are very popular among buyers. Cymbal has a circular brass plate behind the lamps, with a series of marks similar to a well-worn drum kit cymbal.

Industrial Style Sconces

Troy Lighting’s industrial style sconces hark back to the 1920s when the use of aluminum became widespread in homes. The use of aluminum is much lesser these days. The firm’s Raleigh sconces have aluminum bodies with an old silver finish. The solid lampshade also has a faux name plate embossed in the body. Toledo is a similar sconce with a shallower shade. A feature of industrial designs is the exposed rivets on the body. The Fly Boy sconce has a combination of aged brass and aluminum on the solid shade, which makes it perfect for ambient lighting. Menlo Park sconces feature a glass case suspended by a metal string from a basic bracket. A candelabra lamp is used to give an antique appearance. There are also bar sconces like Atlas which can be mounted with the lamps aligned vertically or horizontally. The shade is formed out of a hand wrought iron net with fine holes through which the lam lights can be seen. Mercantile Sconce is shaped like a bamboo carrier used in China with two shades balanced on each end like baskets which traders used to carry their goods. Jackson and Pike Place sconces use the exposed candelabra lamps with minimal metalwork to recreate an antique appearance. Prism sconces use a thick refractive cut-crystal shade to create a play of light beams.

Nature-Influenced Lighting

The nature-influenced sconces and chandeliers from Troy Lighting are the best example of the outfit’s flouting of design conventions. The designers take inspiration from firewood, drift logs, smoke spirals, leafy twigs and even the atomic cell structure to create some stunning wall sconces. Rustic lighting fans will greatly enjoy these sconces. Revolution is a steampunk interpretation of a wall sconce. It is made of wrought iron with a prominent gear wheel mounted on the base. Uni sconces appear like a bunch of cane sticks bunched together at the center with a thick bronze ring. The lamps are completely concealed by the metalwork. Serengeti sconces appear more like three-dimensional mounted sculptures, with a reamed metal fore plate that appears like the river tracks on the African floodplains. The sconce is completely enclosed by a cuboidal box which heightens the impression of viewing a framed artwork. Sanctuary is made from a single iron wire expertly twisted round and round till its gives the appearance of a cup. The Drift sconces use iron rods molded and bent to look like driftwood. An aged bronze finish with silver accents gives the sconce a premium appearance.

The Resurgent Popularity of House of Troy Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps used to be ubiquitous in American households until the rise of wall lighting almost put their use out of favor. Floor lamps were often associated with older homes with insufficient wall lighting. Now floor lamps are again coming back to popularity among home buyers. The reasons are not hard to find.

  • Floor Lamps can be used for diffused lighting in rooms. The use of shades keeps the light from hitting the eyes and directs the light downward and upward. This function of floor lamps is used by interior designers to create niches through the use of lighting.
  • Floor Lamps come in a wide array of designs and finishes, so they can be chosen to complement the furniture and draw attention to the décor in a very subtle way.
  • Floor lamps are easy to set up and install, thanks to the use of floor outlets. The wires can be concealed as easily as wall wiring.
  • Newer designs of Floor lamps do not take up as much space as before because of lighter materials and the use of LEDs for lighting.
  • Floor lamps create a sense of intimacy in the décor with their soft lighting. This is hard to get with conventional wall lighting.

House of Troy has sensed the demand for floor lamps among its buyers and beefed up its range with a wide variety of models. Let’s take a look at the outfit’s range of House of Troy floor lamps:

Slim Line Floor Lamps:

Slim Line Floor lamps use a single pin LED tube lights to create a wide throw of light. The design is a throwback to older models that used fluorescent lights with instant start. Slim line lamps from House of Troy can be ordered in different finishes like Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. These lamps throw light downward. They are great for use in reading niches.

Fixed Floor Lamps:

These floor lamps do not have a movable light element, so they can mostly be used for decorative purposes. These models come with elaborate shades made of glass or cloth. The stand and stem have stylish decorative elements. House of Troy has some interesting combination models with a convenient glass table around the stem for holding knick knacks. Fixed Floor Lamps can be placed to light up niches around the house.

Adjustable Floor Lamps:

There are two types of adjustable floor lamps- adjustable arm lamps and height-adjustable models. The adjustable arm lamps have a movable swing arm to change the orientation of the lamp head. With the use of LEDs these lamps can be made very light weight and stylish as the lighting element has become very compact and more efficient compared to halogen lamps and fluorescent tube lights. Some of the popular swing arm floor lamps are Newport, Otis, Hyde Park and Pinnacle.  These lamps come in finishes like Satin Brass, Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Height adjustable lamps have a telescopic stem to change the height of the lamp head manually. Some examples are Vision, Hyde Park and the Portable LED Piano Lamp. There are variations in the design too. For example, House of Troy’s Tripod Collection uses three tripod legs which can be spread to lower the lamps height, much like a photographer’s tripod stand. These adjustable lamps can be used for lighting up a musician’s performing area, den, a work bench or a reading area.

Floor Lamp Shades:

The days when a limited array of material colored glass, cloth or bulky metal was used for lamp shades is long gone. Now designers have a much wider array of materials to work with. New lampshades are free from fading or heat marks which were common problems when hotter incandescent lamps were in use. There also used to be risk of children and pets touching the warm shade or lamp. That has been eliminated with the introduction of LED lamps. House of Troy uses glass, fabric, brass and innovative plastics for its shades.

Stylish Table Lamps from Hubbardton Forge for Your Task Lighting Needs

Fixtures for task lighting are designed specifically to aid you in performing intricate tasks that require focused illumination. Table lamps are one of the most used lighting fixtures of this type. As with other types of light fixtures, table lamps traverse trend and design cycles to stay abreast of latest styles and picks that dominate the market. Hubbardton Forge, who stay proud in being the modern American blacksmiths, brings you a wide range of table lamps for task lighting purposes. Hubbardton Forge table lamps include traditional, transitional, contemporary, industrial, and even arts and crafts products, which find their fit in any modern home, no matter the décor scheme. Here are a couple of interesting picks from the product range.

  • Bob

The Bob is less of a table lamp and more of an arts and crafts product that decorates a table, task, or reading space. The illumination from Bob happens in a rather unique fashion – the down light flows through an opening at the bottom, while intentional light leaks around the spinning to create an illuminating wash around the product. A sculptural element of Black with Brass accents, Bob is a light fixture that boasts of a steampunk style, and can be rotated on the pipe that it hangs.

  • Henry

Henry is unmistakably an industrial styled table lamp. Copper rivets, spun metal shades, and incandescent Edison bulbs give the lamp an exposed feel, and evoke strong industrial aesthetics. A closer look reveals the high level of craftsmanship on this light fixture finished in a Bronze body and Soft Gold element. The product can be customized with other finish options on the stem and shade, such as Mahogany, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Natural Iron, Black, and Vintage Platinum. The lamping too can be given a more contemporary appeal with the use of an LED light source.

  • Encounter

A look at some of the products from Hubbardton Forge actually make you wonder whether the one in front of you is really a light source or not. The Encounter table lamp is one such fixture deigned to bowl over anyone who comes across it. Rich in artistic style, the lamp features a hand-bent LED light guide through which light flows brilliantly. The illumination shows off the texture of the gentle curves of hand-forged steel, which lend the piece a breathtaking beauty. Finished in Dark Smoke, this table lamp ( serves nothing less than being a focal point in any setting.

  • Cavaletti

This table lamp derives its inspiration from the support and bars that horses jump during competitions. It features a square bar stock of steel heated in the forge at Hubbardton, and skillfully drawn out to a taper, before being interlocked to form the base structure. Atop this body sits a box like lampshade in incandescent light, covered by a flax shade, which can be altered to a choice of Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, Eclipse, or Natural Anna. Even if you aren’t very fond of horses, you sure cannot dislike this beautiful light fixture.

  • Fullered Impressions

This table lamp is yet another artistic product built on the beauty of sweeping metal curves and a fabric shade. This lamp, when it was first built, included impressions in the steel created by a fuller hammer. Today, it continues to draw inspiration from this phenomenon in full through its curves, however sans the fuller. The light fixture, crafted at Vermont, comes in Dark Smoke and Eclipse shade, with an incandescent light source.

The collection of wrought iron table lamps from Hubbardton Forge make brilliant statements in any home. From simple and elegant designs to more straightforward ones, their lineup includes some of the most stunning products that any consumer can ever come across.

Best Seagull Lighting Chandeliers

Seagull Lighting is one of the most reliable lighting manufacturers in America, celebrating its 95th year. Its light fixtures and ceiling fans are recommended by electricians, architects, homebuilders and homeowners alike. Seagull Lighting is known for its extensive experience in the industry, its quality light fixtures and a willingness to adapt to new things. The brand has always been a trend setter in the industry and faced old and emerging competitors with a will to come out with new and improved products.

Seagull Lighting is known for both light fixtures and ceiling fans amongst its customers. Chandeliers are their specialty and we will look at the various lines of chandeliers Seagull Lighting offers under its umbrella. Chandeliers are not just light fixtures but they are also good interior décor items and mainly serve as centerpieces in big hallways, drawing rooms and dining rooms. We will see the most prominent line of chandeliers brought out by Seagull Lighting and see how each line is special in its own way.

1. Alturas Collection

This collection heavily draws its inspiration from the Unisphere of the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Having a spherical steel frame which interlocks itself from all the sides, the Alturas collection is available as 3, 5 and 9-light chandeliers. Though Energy Star rated fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are used within, it is possible to change them into energy saving LED lights. The bulbs are covered by cylindrictal satin etched shades which give out a warm and soft glow to illuminate the whole room with its special ambiance. The Alturas collection is a minimalistic edition in brushed nickel finish that is available with various other assortments like pendants and sconces for a complete interior décor.

2. Carondelet Collection

This chandelier by Seagull lighting chandeliers is a timeless one that features several cascading, faceted glass crystals that sparkle all the time, giving out a rich and exciting ambiance to the living room. The Carondelet chandelier is available in six and four light variants and comes along with two metallic finishes i.e. antique brush nickel finish and burnt sienna. The bulbs are either incandescent or Energy Star rated fluorescent bulbs, either of which can be replaced by LED bulbs.

3. Metcalf Collection

The Metcalf edition can suit both modern, urban settings and rural, traditional settings. Its curved metallic body gives it a traditional look and the satin etched glass shades give out a silhouette that looks casual and modern. A unique blend of traditional and contemporary designs, this transitional chandelier comes in three, five and nine light variants. This chandelier by Seagull lighting chandeliers is available in two metallic finishes i.e. brushed nickel and autumn bronze. Incandescent, fluorescent and LED, all the three light bulbs are available with Metcalf chandeliers.

4. Englehorn Collection

The Englehorn edition is a beautiful edition of modern chandeliers that are specially made using a delicate and flawless optical crystal for their assortment. The crystal clearly stands out in the entire setup and adds grandeur and style to the light fixture. It is available in three-light, five-light and nine-light variants and comes with etched white glasses for the bulbs and a chrome finish for the metallic body. The chrome finished metallic body and the clear optical crystal steal the show with their style and sophistication, making Englehorn a must-have in modern homes.

5. Parkfield Collection

This traditional looking chandelier features a strong and distinct metal body that comes in either Bronze finish with Crème Parchment glass or the elegantly modern Brushed Nickel finish with Opal Etched glass. The glass shades are four sided and feature a graduated step detail, giving the chandelier more masculine and tailored looks. Parkfield collection by Seagull Lighting is available as three, five and nine-light chandeliers. Either incandescent, Energy Star rated fluorescent bulbs or LEDs can be used for the illumination.

There are many other prominent lines of chandeliers by Seagull Lighting namely Corsicana, Kerrville, Hanford, Belton, Ashburne and many more. All the above-mentioned chandeliers are damp rated, energy saving and come with a warranty period.

Norwell Lighting for Brass Lighting Fixtures

There was a time when lighting fixtures were just seen as mere light emitting objects and nothing more. But times have changed and now both homemakers and interior designers consider light fixtures as an integral part of interior design. Even lighting manufacturers have realized the importance of design and aesthetics in their products and often keep design as one of their prime priorities during the manufacture.

Brass lighting fixtures with their authentic rustic looks have created their own demand in the world of interior design, despite the popularity of minimalistic, contemporary lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures with their rustic appearances are not only used as articrafts for decor purposes but also showcased as antique lighting fixtures by many homeowners. Though the history of brass lighting fixtures dates back to 18th and 19th centuries, not much has changed the way they are designed. Though the oil and the wick are replaced by sophisticated LED bulbs, the shape and form of these brass lighting fixtures still remain the same. Norwell Lighting is one of the best brass lighting manufacturers in the whole of the US and an industry leader for more than 75 years. We will discuss more about this revered lighting manufacturer, the brass lighting fixtures it offers and the techniques it uses in its metallic finishes. Read on.

Norwell Lighting- About the Company

The distinguished company has been an industry leader in the US for more than 75 years and is mainly known for its high quality solid brass interior and exterior lighting. The company has years of experience in the manufacture of residential lighting fixtures and offers a diverse array of products excluding its flagship brass lighting fixtures. From historic reproductions to contemporary designs, the artisans, designers and craftsmen at Norwell Lighting can take any kind of custom order and deliver finished products. ILEX Architectural Lighting and Davis Muller Lighting, the hospitality and commercial lighting wing of Norwell Lighting have created lighting for big names like The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank, just to name a few. Lastly, though it has been more than 75 years, the company has never failed to innovate and evolve with the changing interior design and lighting trends. The focus has always been on delivering high quality, beautifully designed brass lighting fixtures.

Norwell Lighting and Its Products

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that are practically used everywhere. From bathrooms to highlighting art, sconces can be easily placed on any wall and they are good to go. Wall sconces and bathroom sconces from Norwell Lighting come in a wide array of minimalistic, contemporary designs and shapes. All of sconces are strictly made from high quality, solid brass and adorned with a wide variety of metallic finish at the end.

2. Pendants

Norwell Lighting also specializes in the manufacture of beautiful to look at, aesthetically pleasing pendants for dining areas and kitchens. Minimalistic in nature and embodying a contemporary form, these pendants made from solid brass are also available in a variety of metallic finishes. Aged bronze, architectural bronze and brushed nickel are few of those metallic finishes.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are indeed the true definition of rustic light fixtures and certainly they are also one of the flagship products of Norwell Lighting. These onion lights are specially designed to imitate the actual onion lights that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Designed for exterior lighting and equipped with LED bulbs, these onion lights are made from solid brass that can withstand extreme conditions like sun and rain. Both wall and post attachable variants are available with the manufacturer.

Metallic Finish Available With Norwell Lighting

Be it rustic lighting fixtures or contemporary ones, the final finishing is very important for the fixture to look beautiful and polished. Especially metallic finishes add their own distinct characteristic to the fixture and accentuate its look and feel. Aged brass, architectural bronze, brushed nickel, polished nickel, sienna, verde, chrome, brushed chrome etc. are few of the most popular metallic finishes Norwell Lighting offers. Acid dipping, hand dipping, hand rubbing, painting and plating are few of the techniques used to give these metallic finishes.

Five Reasons to Buy Lighting Fixtures from Seagull Lighting

People normally have answers when they are asked which phone manufacturer they prefer or which food joints they adore the most. But how often does one wonder which lighting manufacturer they have to choose, and what are the parameters to consider while looking for the best lighting manufacturer? The answer is ‘very rare’! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about choosing lighting manufacturers, especially when you are constructing a new house or decorating the interiors yourself.

In order to make your job easier, this article presents Sea Gull Lighting fixtures, one of the most influential players of the lighting industry in the US. This company believes in influencing the marketplace with innovative products and has been doing so from the past 90 plus years. Recognized for its quality and excellent customer service, Seagull lighting not only changes with time and thinks of innovation constantly, but also heeds to its customers’ needs. Here is a list of 5 reasons why Seagull lighting has to be the manufacturer of your choice for all your lighting needs.

1. Grand History

Seagull lighting was founded in 1919 by Henry Seigel as a small lighting specialty store in Philadelphia, PA, right after World War I. A good designer himself, Henry Seigel was a man with the vision for a bright future for his small lighting store. He understood the importance people attribute towards quality, consistency and variety. The company has withstood the test of time during the turbulent times of World War II and the subsequent years of technological revolution with a vision to deliver quality and innovation. The company’s product line boasts of state of art designs and innovative manufacturing techniques.

2. Exhaustive Collection

If you are constructing a new home or revamping your interiors, you would certainly need a comprehensive lighting solution that includes both indoor and outdoor lighting. Seagull lighting is a one stop destination for all your lighting needs, because it boasts of an exhaustive collection of lighting solutions. Wall/bath lighting, ceiling lighting, chandeliers, pendants, recessed lights and ceiling fans for indoors; address lights/signs, landscape lights, post lanterns, post accessories, spot lights, wall lanterns and rustic pendants for outdoors. All of these handmade lighting products are always available in a variety of colors, shapes, finish and price range to serve requirements that are both residential and commercial.

3. Design Language

Design is one of the main reasons why Seagull lighting grew to be such an influential lighting manufacturer in the US. The company’s design language speaks for its customer’s and also aligns with the latest interior design trends. Though these design trends keep changing from time to time, the lighting manufacturer has never failed to adapt to the changing environments. All of Seagull’s products have remained to be stylish, trendy and functional at the same time. Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Transitional are the four major design trends the company specializes in.

4. Finish

Seagull lighting is a customer oriented company that always eyes on delivering products of superior quality and finish. The company believes that even lighting fixtures can look like art pieces and contribute to the overall design of an interior space. Finishing is an important aspect of beautiful and quality light fixtures, and Seagull never fails to amaze its customers with superior finishes. The manufacturer specializes in metallic finish including popular ones like Brass, Bronze, Silver and Black/Iron.

5. Energy Efficiency

Lastly, in times of sever energy crisis, increasing cost of electricity, depleting natural resources and global warming, Seagull lighting deeply cares about the ecosystem we live in and its preservation. Accordingly, all of the lighting products manufactured by this company use energy efficient LED light bulbs ( and are Energy Star rated, as they are highly energy efficient and cost saving.

Five Important Factors to Consider While Buying Picture Lights

Art galleries and museums are the sole protectors of notable art works and every artist’s getaway places for inspiration. Though these centers are visited by thousands of art enthusiasts every day, most of them look at the displayed art works and don’t think much about the maintenance of these galleries. But the owners of these art centers know the work that goes into the maintenance and unanimously agree with the integral role picture lights play in their maintenance. Not only museum and gallery owners, even interior designers and art enthusiast homeowners know the importance of picture lights in interior design.

Picture lights not only highlight the art works at display but also play a decisive role in deciding the look and feel of the art work. Appropriate lighting is very essential to ensure the integrity of these art works so that there are no notable changes when they are illuminated. Be it acrylic colors or oil paints, colors look different under different lights and hence museum owners must carefully choose the picture lights to retain the originality of the art works. Although, a lot of things that can go wrong while choosing picture lights and here’s everything you need to know about making the right choice.

1. Type of Lighting Used

Of all the factors to be considered, type of lighting used is the most important consideration to be made before buying picture lights. As mentioned before, art works take different forms under different light settings. Here’s a brief description of how they look under incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting.

Incandescent- It is wise to choose incandescent lights only if the pictures are composed of primary colors red and yellow, and complementary colors like blue and green. Unless otherwise, incandescent lights might alter the appearance of the art works displayed.

Fluorescent- Though fluorescent lights are one of the favorites of commercial and residential lighting owing to their energy efficiency and clean light, they are not so famous when it comes to picture lights. This is because fluorescent lights normally alter the appearance and emit strong UV rays that might damage the art work as well.

Halogen- Known for their bright and clean white light, halogen bulbs are certainly one of the favorites of art gallery and museum owners. Though halogen bulbs do not alter the appearance of art works, care must be taken to place these lights far from art works as they emit a lot of heat when illuminated.

LED- LEDs, the hot new favorite of the lighting industry is the most preferred type of light bulb for picture lights. They emit natural sunlight, have high focus, consume very less energy and have long lives extending up to 50,000 hours.

2. Size of the Picture Lights

Next important consideration to be made while buying picture lights is their size as the size of the illuminating light plays a decisive role in the appearance of the art work at display. Normally the fixture size must be ½ or 1/3rd of width of the frame if it is a landscape and ½ of the width of the frame if it is a portrait. This ensures that the picture light is neither too big nor too small for the picture frame.

3. Dimmers and Wireless Technology

Use of automatic dimmers and wireless remote control technology to control the lighting preferences of the picture lights is totally up to the museum owner. Before buying the lights from lighting stores ensure if you need these additional accessories and if yes, buy only those picture lights that comply with these modern technologies.

4. Different Styles of Picture Lights

There are mainly four different styles of picture lights based on their form and function namely, wall mounted picture lights, ceiling mounted picture lights, clamp on and freestanding picture lights. Based on the colors used in the picture frame and space availability, choose one of the four which best suits your requirement.

5. Color, Shape and Style of Picture Lights

Picture lights are available in many color shades namely bronze, brass, silver, gold and black, most of which come in fine metallic finish. While Contemporary and Slimline are the most popular styles of picture lights, lengthy bar lights and round spot lights are the most preferred shapes of picture lights.

Five Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know About Hudson Valley Lighting

People live and breathe a few brands such as Coca Cola and Nike, and the credit goes to the brand for maintaining its reputation in the market and growing with time. But how often do people remember the lighting brand used in their homes and offices? Very few lighting manufacturers have a distinct presence in the market and bring in uniqueness in everything they do. Hudson valley lighting is one those special lighting brands and here’s 5 extraordinary things you didn’t know about this popular lighting brand.

History and Founder

Before we know what’s so special about the products of Hudson lighting valley and the brand itself, let’s go back to the 80s when it actually began its large scale operations and grew to be global lighting brand. Hudson valley lighting was founded by David Littman, a man for whom the passion for beautiful light fixtures was passed on by blood. His father as well as his grandfather were greatly influenced by the lighting industry and made their own mark in the industry. David Littman followed their steps to start Hudson Valley Lighting and stepped up the lighting game a notch further. David learnt very early in his professional career that ‘It’s not enough for an object or product to look great; but also it must last for generations and be appreciated for its timelessness’. The same approach was applied to the lighting fixtures of the brand, to make them the most beautiful lighting fixtures and also ensure that they last for generations to come. David firmly believes that Hudson valley is not just a lighting brand but it is a lifestyle. He personally ensures that each and every product is a masterpiece by itself, made from the finest raw materials and finished to ooze perfection.

Five Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know about Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson valley lighting fixtures have always been known for their class, elegance and uniqueness. Utmost emphasis is given to superior craftsmanship, details and style of the product at Hudson valley. There are many other things that make their products so special and desirable. Here are those 5 extraordinary features that you won’t see in other lighting brands.

1. Style

As told before, it is the style and elegance of these light fixtures that make them so popular in the lighting industry and so desirable for interior designers and homeowners. Each fixture is designed with a specific approach and keeping in mind the latest interior design trends. David himself will be found designing the next big thing at Hudson valley lighting and coordinating with his designers to create masterpieces. Only few lighting brands can see beyond regular lights and ingrain style and elegance into those fixtures.

2. Best Manufacturing Techniques

Once the lighting fixtures are visualized and sketched down on paper, the manufacturing team at Hudson valley lighting ensures that the visualized product is much more beautiful than the original design. Having a team of the best craftsmen and engineers, special manufacturing techniques such as heavy casting and hand-rubbed finishing is given to every fixture. Only the finest materials are used for manufacturing and there’s no such thing as compromise when it comes to quality.

3. Finish

In order to make the finished product much more extraordinary, craftsmen at Hudson valley lighting give the best metallic finish to each product. With these exquisite finishes the products not only look elegant but also timeless. Polished nickel, satin brass, vintage brass, aged silver, aged zinc, bronze, brushed bronze… no matter what the product, only the best finish is given to these products.

4. Diversity in Products

Hudson valley lighting not only focusses on design, detail and style but also the diversity in its products. Fixtures of various styles including bold & glamorous, chic vintage and industrial, classic heritage, timeless elegance and warm modern are produced. Also, all the fixtures needed to fulfil residential/commercial requirements such as picture lights, chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, flush mounts ( and table lamps are manufactured at Hudson valley.

5. Energy Efficiency

In times of drastic climatic changes like global warming and depleting natural resources, Hudson valley lighting believes that it is a social responsibility to use only energy efficient light bulbs in all of its fixtures. Hence, only energy saving bulbs like LEDs are used which consume less energy, give maximum light and also go easy on the consumer’s pocket.

Beautiful Interior Lighting Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

There are many interior design elements that go into designing the most enchanting and functional interiors for residences and office spaces. Out of those numerous interior design elements, lighting is one of the most important ones. Not only it decides the existence and placement of other elements but also defines their structure, form and function. Be it color, texture, patterns or furniture, lighting accentuates every other interior design element and becomes an inseparable part of all well-lit and well-decorated residences.

Lighting fixtures apart from being functional and efficient sources of light are also beautiful décor items that give a character to the living space and blend with the pre-defined theme. Norwell Lighting is an all American lighting manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing these high-quality, durable and functional lighting fixtures made from brass for residential and commercial purposes. Here’s how you can decorate your house interiors from the exhaustive collection of brass lighting fixtures from one of America’s finest lighting manufacturers, Norwell Lighting.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Out of the many types of lighting fixtures (, metal lighting fixtures and that too the ones made from brass are of high regard amongst style-conscious home owners and interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are mainly retro themed as light fixtures made from brass were widely used in the colonial times of the 18th and 19th century in England. Owing to their natural, rustic appearance and authenticity, these fixtures are still highly regarded and have earned an antique status among interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are as functional as any other lighting fixtures, but also come with the form and design that is unmatched and distinct from any other modern lighting fixture. They can be accommodated with all kinds of lighting technologies including incandescent, fluorescent, LED and halogen lights.

History of Norwell Lighting

Only few lighting manufacturers can attempt to achieve the feat that Norwell Lighting has made possible. Having a grand history of more than 75 years, the manufacturer still remains to cater all forms of lighting styles ranging from traditional and historical reproductions to clean and contemporary light fixtures for modern homes. The manufacturer has constantly evolved with time and over the course has managed to keep up with the expectations of its customers, keeping quality and unique designs as its two main priorities. Brass lighting fixtures from Norwell Lighting are suited for both residential and commercial purposes, adorning both interiors and exteriors with full features and functionality. They have a wide range of brass made products to decorate the interiors of well-designed residences. Here is a list of those amazing lighting products.

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that have a wide range of applications as they are used as task lights in various parts of the house including living area, study room, bed room, bathroom and hallways. Wall sconces create an ambient atmosphere around them by providing ambient light and are widely used to highlight art pieces, picture frames and other interior décor items. Wall sconces from Norwell lighting are themselves an art piece as they are strictly made from brass and radiate a rustic appearance.

2. Pendants

Pendant lights are normally hung over kitchen islands and dining tables as sources of light as well as attractive centerpieces. Norwell Lighting manufactures pendants made from brass in a wide range of metal finishes and styles. Architectural Bronze, Aged Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Gun Metal, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Pewter, Sienna etc. are few of the most popular metal finishes available on pendant lights made of brass.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are those light fixtures whose origins date back to as early as 18th century. Originally from Europe, Onion lights are made from brass and are characterized by a metal shield that holds an onion shaped, clear glass container within. Inside the glass container lies the light bulb which can be either incandescent, fluorescent or halogen, based on the level of brightness and energy efficiency preferred. Onion lights from Norwell Lighting can be used to light the hallways of interiors, staircases and also used as outdoor lights as they are highly durable, incredibly bright and dead gorgeous to look at.

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