Beautiful Interior Lighting Fixtures from Norwell Lighting

There are many interior design elements that go into designing the most enchanting and functional interiors for residences and office spaces. Out of those numerous interior design elements, lighting is one of the most important ones. Not only it decides the existence and placement of other elements but also defines their structure, form and function. Be it color, texture, patterns or furniture, lighting accentuates every other interior design element and becomes an inseparable part of all well-lit and well-decorated residences.

Lighting fixtures apart from being functional and efficient sources of light are also beautiful décor items that give a character to the living space and blend with the pre-defined theme. Norwell Lighting is an all American lighting manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing these high-quality, durable and functional lighting fixtures made from brass for residential and commercial purposes. Here’s how you can decorate your house interiors from the exhaustive collection of brass lighting fixtures from one of America’s finest lighting manufacturers, Norwell Lighting.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

Out of the many types of lighting fixtures (, metal lighting fixtures and that too the ones made from brass are of high regard amongst style-conscious home owners and interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are mainly retro themed as light fixtures made from brass were widely used in the colonial times of the 18th and 19th century in England. Owing to their natural, rustic appearance and authenticity, these fixtures are still highly regarded and have earned an antique status among interior designers. Brass lighting fixtures are as functional as any other lighting fixtures, but also come with the form and design that is unmatched and distinct from any other modern lighting fixture. They can be accommodated with all kinds of lighting technologies including incandescent, fluorescent, LED and halogen lights.

History of Norwell Lighting

Only few lighting manufacturers can attempt to achieve the feat that Norwell Lighting has made possible. Having a grand history of more than 75 years, the manufacturer still remains to cater all forms of lighting styles ranging from traditional and historical reproductions to clean and contemporary light fixtures for modern homes. The manufacturer has constantly evolved with time and over the course has managed to keep up with the expectations of its customers, keeping quality and unique designs as its two main priorities. Brass lighting fixtures from Norwell Lighting are suited for both residential and commercial purposes, adorning both interiors and exteriors with full features and functionality. They have a wide range of brass made products to decorate the interiors of well-designed residences. Here is a list of those amazing lighting products.

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that have a wide range of applications as they are used as task lights in various parts of the house including living area, study room, bed room, bathroom and hallways. Wall sconces create an ambient atmosphere around them by providing ambient light and are widely used to highlight art pieces, picture frames and other interior décor items. Wall sconces from Norwell lighting are themselves an art piece as they are strictly made from brass and radiate a rustic appearance.

2. Pendants

Pendant lights are normally hung over kitchen islands and dining tables as sources of light as well as attractive centerpieces. Norwell Lighting manufactures pendants made from brass in a wide range of metal finishes and styles. Architectural Bronze, Aged Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Gun Metal, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Pewter, Sienna etc. are few of the most popular metal finishes available on pendant lights made of brass.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are those light fixtures whose origins date back to as early as 18th century. Originally from Europe, Onion lights are made from brass and are characterized by a metal shield that holds an onion shaped, clear glass container within. Inside the glass container lies the light bulb which can be either incandescent, fluorescent or halogen, based on the level of brightness and energy efficiency preferred. Onion lights from Norwell Lighting can be used to light the hallways of interiors, staircases and also used as outdoor lights as they are highly durable, incredibly bright and dead gorgeous to look at.

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