Beautify Your Interiors with Troy Lighting

The beauty of a home lies in the many things that adorn in, one of which is the lighting. Such fixtures that illuminate interior spaces in home have a big role to play in the aesthetics too. Many brands in the market cater to home lighting needs. A leader in this domain is Troy lighting, a brand known for its sophisticated casual aesthetics. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Troy lighting has decorated indoor and outdoor areas of the finest home worldwide. Their catalogue of products is filled with unique inspirations that exhibit quality, design, and unmatched value. The brand offers a wide range of lighting products and solutions for interior spaces. In different styles such as classic, industrial, modern, natural inspiration, rustic, and vintage, these light fixtures are able to cater to illumination and design needs of any home design around any theme.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers large lights that hang from the ceiling using chains or cables. They typically act as a focal point in a room, setting the tone and style for the entire space. The range of such light fixtures offered by Troy lighting makes a bold statement in any room or interior area. From products with a classic appeal to those that exude model sculptural influences, these chandeliers function as masterpieces in any room. The many options of these large lights offered by the brand meet even the most sophisticated of needs and design standards. From simple designs with Edison lamps to elaborate ones with candelabra lights in multi layers and multi-tier formats, Troy lighting chandeliers serve as nothing less than breathtaking pieces.

  • Pendant lights

Light pendants are chandeliers stately brothers. They too hang from the ceiling, but unlike the chandelier typically have only a single, eye-catching piece. This does not mar the grandeur in anyway. They illuminate spaces and lend style elaborately but a tad differently. Pendant lights are extremely versatile, making them an ideal choice for just about any place in home interiors. At staggered heights over a kitchen island, as a single piece over the entry door, or a row that dons a hallway, these pendant lights are capable of adorning any space in the home with the multiple placements options.

  • Wall sconces

Wall sconces add to the ambient light in rooms. They are often the added detail that make interior spaces complete. They also have a functional role to play as an aesthetic one. In location such as a long dark hallway, these lights are often what bring in much necessary illumination. In areas such as the dining and kitchen, wall sconces present style that add to the character and enhance the ambience of the room. From upward facing single light products to dual light designs with convertible options and multiple light sources, the choice of Troy lighting sconces are plentiful and unique.

  • Mounted ceiling fixtures

As with chandeliers, full and semi flush mount add general lighting to interior spaces. However, beyond illumination, these mounted ceiling fixtures are capable of adding a dramatic effect to any enclosed space. They are a stylish addition to rooms that crave for the beauty of a pendant but cannot accommodate its size. Within such space restrictions, semi flush and full flash mounts are the space saving versions that radiate style and light. In a wide range of sizes, diameter, and lamping options, flush and semi flush mount lights by Troy lighting cater to illumination needs in large and small spaces alike.

In addition to the above, Troy lighting also offers linear lights for different rooms in the home. They also offer vanity lights for bathrooms. Light fixtures by this brand transcend time and feature redefined handcrafted workmanship that is strikingly eclectic, sophisticated, and unique.

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