Best Seagull Lighting Chandeliers

Seagull Lighting is one of the most reliable lighting manufacturers in America, celebrating its 95th year. Its light fixtures and ceiling fans are recommended by electricians, architects, homebuilders and homeowners alike. Seagull Lighting is known for its extensive experience in the industry, its quality light fixtures and a willingness to adapt to new things. The brand has always been a trend setter in the industry and faced old and emerging competitors with a will to come out with new and improved products.

Seagull Lighting is known for both light fixtures and ceiling fans amongst its customers. Chandeliers are their specialty and we will look at the various lines of chandeliers Seagull Lighting offers under its umbrella. Chandeliers are not just light fixtures but they are also good interior décor items and mainly serve as centerpieces in big hallways, drawing rooms and dining rooms. We will see the most prominent line of chandeliers brought out by Seagull Lighting and see how each line is special in its own way.

1. Alturas Collection

This collection heavily draws its inspiration from the Unisphere of the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Having a spherical steel frame which interlocks itself from all the sides, the Alturas collection is available as 3, 5 and 9-light chandeliers. Though Energy Star rated fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are used within, it is possible to change them into energy saving LED lights. The bulbs are covered by cylindrictal satin etched shades which give out a warm and soft glow to illuminate the whole room with its special ambiance. The Alturas collection is a minimalistic edition in brushed nickel finish that is available with various other assortments like pendants and sconces for a complete interior décor.

2. Carondelet Collection

This chandelier by Seagull lighting chandeliers is a timeless one that features several cascading, faceted glass crystals that sparkle all the time, giving out a rich and exciting ambiance to the living room. The Carondelet chandelier is available in six and four light variants and comes along with two metallic finishes i.e. antique brush nickel finish and burnt sienna. The bulbs are either incandescent or Energy Star rated fluorescent bulbs, either of which can be replaced by LED bulbs.

3. Metcalf Collection

The Metcalf edition can suit both modern, urban settings and rural, traditional settings. Its curved metallic body gives it a traditional look and the satin etched glass shades give out a silhouette that looks casual and modern. A unique blend of traditional and contemporary designs, this transitional chandelier comes in three, five and nine light variants. This chandelier by Seagull lighting chandeliers is available in two metallic finishes i.e. brushed nickel and autumn bronze. Incandescent, fluorescent and LED, all the three light bulbs are available with Metcalf chandeliers.

4. Englehorn Collection

The Englehorn edition is a beautiful edition of modern chandeliers that are specially made using a delicate and flawless optical crystal for their assortment. The crystal clearly stands out in the entire setup and adds grandeur and style to the light fixture. It is available in three-light, five-light and nine-light variants and comes with etched white glasses for the bulbs and a chrome finish for the metallic body. The chrome finished metallic body and the clear optical crystal steal the show with their style and sophistication, making Englehorn a must-have in modern homes.

5. Parkfield Collection

This traditional looking chandelier features a strong and distinct metal body that comes in either Bronze finish with Crème Parchment glass or the elegantly modern Brushed Nickel finish with Opal Etched glass. The glass shades are four sided and feature a graduated step detail, giving the chandelier more masculine and tailored looks. Parkfield collection by Seagull Lighting is available as three, five and nine-light chandeliers. Either incandescent, Energy Star rated fluorescent bulbs or LEDs can be used for the illumination.

There are many other prominent lines of chandeliers by Seagull Lighting namely Corsicana, Kerrville, Hanford, Belton, Ashburne and many more. All the above-mentioned chandeliers are damp rated, energy saving and come with a warranty period.

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