Enhance Your Interiors with Minka Lavery Lighting

Lighting plays a very important part in how your house appears to your guests and the kind of ambiance it generates. However, many people often ignore this crucial element of the interior decor scheme. While the right lighting setup can make a room more functional, it can also give the area its own character. Therefore, it is essential that while picking light fixtures for your house, you only opt for reputed brands. And when you talk about quality lighting, the first name that comes to the mind is Minka Lavery.

Why choose Minka Lavery

Minka Lavery is one of the leading names in the lighting industry. They are known for their superior workmanship and extraordinary quality. As they have partnered with more than 200 lighting stores, you can easily find their products across the country. They offer a wide variety of fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces, mirrors, lamps, etc. Moreover, all the fittings are available in various finishes like aluminum, wrought iron, brass, wood and resin, so that you can find a product that will match with your room interiors. And if you live in the States you can even buy your light fittings online and they will reach you within three days from one of the company’s numerous distribution centers spread throughout the country.

So, how can you decide which fittings will go where?  First of all, you need to understand the three main types of lighting requirements in every room. These are:

1.  Ambient Lighting: This is the prime light fixture that provides the illumination required to see around the room and move comfortably.

2.  Task Lighting: This lighting is required to carry on specific tasks like cooking, reading and eating. Task lighting is usually brighter than ambient lighting and focuses on a particular area in the room.

3.  Accent Lighting: This type of light is used to draw attention to a specific item or artwork in the room and highlight it effectively. Lamps, picture lights and hidden light fixtures are examples of accent lighting (www.wisegeek.com/what-is-accent-lighting.htm).

It is essential to have a balance of all these three types of illumination needs to have an effective lighting arrangement. In addition, you need to keep in mind that each area has separate lighting requirements and the fixture you choose should be able to meet those needs. Here are some tips that will help you select the right type of light fittings for your house:

•  Living Room

Living room requires an assortment of various fixtures. You need to mount a beautiful chandelier like Minka Lavery Aston Court 6 Light Chandelier, which can act as the focal point of the room. Then you need lamps like Clarte Accent Lamp to fulfill the task lighting requirements and add some recessed and picture lights for accent lighting.

•  Dining Room

Dining room should have a small chandelier or pendant light mounted right above the dining table. Illuminati 4 Light Pendant from Minka Lavery will be perfect for the purpose. You can also install a dimmer with the fixture to create a warm and cozy ambiance for private dinners.

•  Entry Hall and Lobby

As entry hall and lobby are the areas first seen by your guests, it is suggested that the lights here should be warm and welcoming. Minka Lavery’s Accents Provence 3 Light Mini Chandelier will add elegance to the area and will also look very inviting.

•  Kitchen Lighting

Task lighting is one of the main elements of kitchen illumination scheme. In addition to pendant fittings like Minka Lavery Island Pendant you should also install counter lights to enhance to functionality of the area.

•  Bathroom

You bathroom is yet another place where task lighting plays a very crucial role. You need proper illumination for grooming purposes like shaving, tweezing, applying makeup, etc. Therefore, your bathroom should have a combination of sconces, cabinet lights, mirror lights, etc.

•  Bedroom

Your bedroom area requires a comparatively relaxed and basic lighting scheme. You should have wardrobe lights, table lamps and night light in your bedroom in addition to ambient lighting fixtures.

Minka Lavery fixtures are available in diverse shapes, sizes and finishes. You can select the ones that are suitable for your lighting needs and aesthetically enhance the look of your house!

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