Five Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know About Hudson Valley Lighting

People live and breathe a few brands such as Coca Cola and Nike, and the credit goes to the brand for maintaining its reputation in the market and growing with time. But how often do people remember the lighting brand used in their homes and offices? Very few lighting manufacturers have a distinct presence in the market and bring in uniqueness in everything they do. Hudson valley lighting is one those special lighting brands and here’s 5 extraordinary things you didn’t know about this popular lighting brand.

History and Founder

Before we know what’s so special about the products of Hudson lighting valley and the brand itself, let’s go back to the 80s when it actually began its large scale operations and grew to be global lighting brand. Hudson valley lighting was founded by David Littman, a man for whom the passion for beautiful light fixtures was passed on by blood. His father as well as his grandfather were greatly influenced by the lighting industry and made their own mark in the industry. David Littman followed their steps to start Hudson Valley Lighting and stepped up the lighting game a notch further. David learnt very early in his professional career that ‘It’s not enough for an object or product to look great; but also it must last for generations and be appreciated for its timelessness’. The same approach was applied to the lighting fixtures of the brand, to make them the most beautiful lighting fixtures and also ensure that they last for generations to come. David firmly believes that Hudson valley is not just a lighting brand but it is a lifestyle. He personally ensures that each and every product is a masterpiece by itself, made from the finest raw materials and finished to ooze perfection.

Five Extraordinary Things You Didn’t Know about Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson valley lighting fixtures have always been known for their class, elegance and uniqueness. Utmost emphasis is given to superior craftsmanship, details and style of the product at Hudson valley. There are many other things that make their products so special and desirable. Here are those 5 extraordinary features that you won’t see in other lighting brands.

1. Style

As told before, it is the style and elegance of these light fixtures that make them so popular in the lighting industry and so desirable for interior designers and homeowners. Each fixture is designed with a specific approach and keeping in mind the latest interior design trends. David himself will be found designing the next big thing at Hudson valley lighting and coordinating with his designers to create masterpieces. Only few lighting brands can see beyond regular lights and ingrain style and elegance into those fixtures.

2. Best Manufacturing Techniques

Once the lighting fixtures are visualized and sketched down on paper, the manufacturing team at Hudson valley lighting ensures that the visualized product is much more beautiful than the original design. Having a team of the best craftsmen and engineers, special manufacturing techniques such as heavy casting and hand-rubbed finishing is given to every fixture. Only the finest materials are used for manufacturing and there’s no such thing as compromise when it comes to quality.

3. Finish

In order to make the finished product much more extraordinary, craftsmen at Hudson valley lighting give the best metallic finish to each product. With these exquisite finishes the products not only look elegant but also timeless. Polished nickel, satin brass, vintage brass, aged silver, aged zinc, bronze, brushed bronze… no matter what the product, only the best finish is given to these products.

4. Diversity in Products

Hudson valley lighting not only focusses on design, detail and style but also the diversity in its products. Fixtures of various styles including bold & glamorous, chic vintage and industrial, classic heritage, timeless elegance and warm modern are produced. Also, all the fixtures needed to fulfil residential/commercial requirements such as picture lights, chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, flush mounts ( and table lamps are manufactured at Hudson valley.

5. Energy Efficiency

In times of drastic climatic changes like global warming and depleting natural resources, Hudson valley lighting believes that it is a social responsibility to use only energy efficient light bulbs in all of its fixtures. Hence, only energy saving bulbs like LEDs are used which consume less energy, give maximum light and also go easy on the consumer’s pocket.

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