Five Reasons to Buy Lighting Fixtures from Seagull Lighting

People normally have answers when they are asked which phone manufacturer they prefer or which food joints they adore the most. But how often does one wonder which lighting manufacturer they have to choose, and what are the parameters to consider while looking for the best lighting manufacturer? The answer is ‘very rare’! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry about choosing lighting manufacturers, especially when you are constructing a new house or decorating the interiors yourself.

In order to make your job easier, this article presents Sea Gull Lighting fixtures, one of the most influential players of the lighting industry in the US. This company believes in influencing the marketplace with innovative products and has been doing so from the past 90 plus years. Recognized for its quality and excellent customer service, Seagull lighting not only changes with time and thinks of innovation constantly, but also heeds to its customers’ needs. Here is a list of 5 reasons why Seagull lighting has to be the manufacturer of your choice for all your lighting needs.

1. Grand History

Seagull lighting was founded in 1919 by Henry Seigel as a small lighting specialty store in Philadelphia, PA, right after World War I. A good designer himself, Henry Seigel was a man with the vision for a bright future for his small lighting store. He understood the importance people attribute towards quality, consistency and variety. The company has withstood the test of time during the turbulent times of World War II and the subsequent years of technological revolution with a vision to deliver quality and innovation. The company’s product line boasts of state of art designs and innovative manufacturing techniques.

2. Exhaustive Collection

If you are constructing a new home or revamping your interiors, you would certainly need a comprehensive lighting solution that includes both indoor and outdoor lighting. Seagull lighting is a one stop destination for all your lighting needs, because it boasts of an exhaustive collection of lighting solutions. Wall/bath lighting, ceiling lighting, chandeliers, pendants, recessed lights and ceiling fans for indoors; address lights/signs, landscape lights, post lanterns, post accessories, spot lights, wall lanterns and rustic pendants for outdoors. All of these handmade lighting products are always available in a variety of colors, shapes, finish and price range to serve requirements that are both residential and commercial.

3. Design Language

Design is one of the main reasons why Seagull lighting grew to be such an influential lighting manufacturer in the US. The company’s design language speaks for its customer’s and also aligns with the latest interior design trends. Though these design trends keep changing from time to time, the lighting manufacturer has never failed to adapt to the changing environments. All of Seagull’s products have remained to be stylish, trendy and functional at the same time. Contemporary, Modern, Traditional and Transitional are the four major design trends the company specializes in.

4. Finish

Seagull lighting is a customer oriented company that always eyes on delivering products of superior quality and finish. The company believes that even lighting fixtures can look like art pieces and contribute to the overall design of an interior space. Finishing is an important aspect of beautiful and quality light fixtures, and Seagull never fails to amaze its customers with superior finishes. The manufacturer specializes in metallic finish including popular ones like Brass, Bronze, Silver and Black/Iron.

5. Energy Efficiency

Lastly, in times of sever energy crisis, increasing cost of electricity, depleting natural resources and global warming, Seagull lighting deeply cares about the ecosystem we live in and its preservation. Accordingly, all of the lighting products manufactured by this company use energy efficient LED light bulbs ( and are Energy Star rated, as they are highly energy efficient and cost saving.

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