Illuminate Your Home with Lighting Fixtures from Northeast Lantern

Northeast Lantern is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to lantern fixtures. Lantern fittings have been used across numerous homes in the country from past many years to illuminate outdoors. However, recently lanterns are being frequently mounted as decorative fixtures in home interiors as well.

Northeast Lantern – An Introduction

Northeast Lantern was founded in the year 1987 by a young crafter, Skip Heal. He wanted to open his own lighting shop and sell his copper and brass light products. But, what began as a small dream has now flourished into a full-fledged and leading brand in lighting industry. Skip, along with his children, Chris and Jamie, has developed his company into a popular manufacturer of light fixtures. Their workshop is located in Exeter, New Hampshire and employs more than thirty expert craftsmen. They also have their team of dedicated retailers, who sell their products in parts of Canada and all across the United States.

Some Popular Light Fittings from the House of Northeast Lantern

With decorators and interior professionals emphasizing on the importance of light fittings in any interior decoration project, people have also started realising their significance in creating a specified feel and atmosphere in their homes. This has led to a vast increase in the variety and styles of lighting fixtures. Compared to Arroyo Craftsman, Northeast Lantern is most known for its lantern fittings, but they also offer many other interesting products in their catalogue. Some of the other popular Northeast Lantern fittings include chandeliers, sconces and flush mounts. These products are available in various finishes and styles. However, in rare case that you are still not able to find that perfect fixture for your house, you can opt for their customized range of products. Customization is the USP of Northeast Lanterns and over 20% of their sales are under this category.

Selecting Northeast Lantern Fittings for Your House

Each area has its specific part to play in every day scenario and this has to be kept in mind while planning your lighting arrangement. Lights can work as mood enhancers and also for functional use like cooking and reading. You should try and find a perfect balance of personality and functionality while selecting your light fixtures. Here are a few things to consider before buying light fixtures for your house:

1.  Size

Size of your light fittings is a very important criterion while buying your fixtures. Quite often you buy smaller sized fittings by mistake. The reason behind this is that when you see a fitting in the showroom, you see it upfront and from a close distance, and hence it appears bigger. And when you mount the same fitting in your house and see it from a distance, it looks smaller than before. To avoid this, it is advised that you buy each fixture in one size bigger than what seems perfect to you.

2.  Placement

Select the place where you want to mount the light fixture, before selecting the fitting itself. Each area in your house has different lighting requirements and you should pick your fixtures according to that need. For example, while a chandelier ( will be suitable for living or dining area, an over the counter light will be perfect for the kitchen. Similarly, the delicately carved indoor lighting fixtures will not suit in the extreme weather conditions of outdoors.

3.  Amount of Light

Here are a few general rules used as a guide to decide the wattage required for various lighting needs:

•  For outdoors, you should opt for 60-75 watts of normal incandescent lighting or go with 20 watts of energy saving CFL for each fixture.

•  For reading, 40 to 50 watts of lighting is advised as it provides enough illumination without creating shadows.

•  For working on computer, it is suggested that the overall light should not be brighter than the computer screen. Sixty watts of light from desk lamp in addition to ambient lighting will be perfect for the purpose.

•  For bathrooms, 60 to 80 watts of lighting should be enough to provide illumination required for carrying out various tasks like shaving, applying makeup, etc. Instead of opting for one piece, you can even choose to mount two sconces, one on the each side of the mirror.

So, keep these tips in mind while buying Northeast Lantern light fixtures for your home and achieve a balance of functionality and decor to make the most of your lighting scheme!

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