Modern Lamps Give a Finishing Touch to Your Home

Lamps and lampshades have evolved from being objects used for lighting up homes to accessories that play a crucial role in interior décor. Modern lamps come in a wide range of styles and designs. From single bulbs that highlight artifacts on the walls to a series of embedded bulbs that illuminate foyers, contemporary lamps add an extra charm to your home. Here’s a look at the some popular, modern lights that give your dwellings, a perfect finishing touch.


Chandeliers are ceiling light fixtures, generally characterized by ornate, intricate patterns and the use a crystal or glass pieces. Modern chandeliers, however, are simple, sleek, and stylish and use materials like aluminum, brass, iron and a combination of metals or composites.

Though generally placed in the living area and foyers, chandeliers, in current times, can be found in almost any room of the house – the new favorites include the entrance, kitchen, and bathroom. New trends have also given rise to a separate class of these lighting fixtures called mini chandeliers that are used in corner areas and small rooms.

Chandeliers are chosen depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling – larger the room, the bigger the chandelier that can be hung. Also, they are placed at such a height so that they are neither too close to the heads of people when they stand, sit etc., nor hung right below the ceiling. They work best when combined with dimming options.


Pendants are lighting fixtures similar to chandeliers and are used either for ambient or task lighting purposes. Though found over kitchen counters, islands and dining tables, pendant lights can be used in almost any area of the house including hallways, staircases, and bedrooms. Depending on the size (small, medium or large), pendants can be used individually or as a group to illuminate a desired area. Single pendants, when placed close to the ceiling create a dramatic effect of light and shadow. Multiple pendants work great over long tables and bar counters.

Since they are hung from ceilings, pendants, like chandeliers, need to be placed at an appropriate height from the area that it illuminates.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces, as the name suggests, are lighting fixtures mounted on walls. They are popularly used for task lighting, such as reading lamps beside the bed. The availability of multiple and flexible arms make them easy to use in such cases. They are also used as accent lighting and are placed on either side of an art object or over an architectural element.

Wall sconces come as single or multiple lamp shades within one fixture. A popular brand in this segment of lighting accessories is George Kovacs, which is known for its elegant and stunning designs.

A great advantage of wall sconces is that, unlike pendants and chandeliers, they can be placed the exteriors of the house. This makes them a popular choice in driveways and boundary walls. Also, they can be placed at any height from the ceiling or floor as long as they serve the purpose they are intended for.

Track Lights

Track lights are contemporary light fixtures in which multiple light ‘heads’ are mounted onto a single supporting frame or the ‘track’. They are fixed to the ceiling and work well in accent and task lighting purposes. Track lights come in handy when the room does not have sufficient space for chandeliers and pendants. They are usually available in linear or geometric patterns, but can be customized to the shape required.

Track lights are highly versatile lighting fixtures. Their heads can be rotated and made to point in any direction or angle required. However, they are not suggested for use in rooms with low ceilings.

Modern lighting solutions also include other fixtures such as floor lamps, table lamps (, bath sconces etc. Their placement and use is determined by the purpose and function that they serve.

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