Norwell Lighting for Brass Lighting Fixtures

There was a time when lighting fixtures were just seen as mere light emitting objects and nothing more. But times have changed and now both homemakers and interior designers consider light fixtures as an integral part of interior design. Even lighting manufacturers have realized the importance of design and aesthetics in their products and often keep design as one of their prime priorities during the manufacture.

Brass lighting fixtures with their authentic rustic looks have created their own demand in the world of interior design, despite the popularity of minimalistic, contemporary lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures with their rustic appearances are not only used as articrafts for decor purposes but also showcased as antique lighting fixtures by many homeowners. Though the history of brass lighting fixtures dates back to 18th and 19th centuries, not much has changed the way they are designed. Though the oil and the wick are replaced by sophisticated LED bulbs, the shape and form of these brass lighting fixtures still remain the same. Norwell Lighting is one of the best brass lighting manufacturers in the whole of the US and an industry leader for more than 75 years. We will discuss more about this revered lighting manufacturer, the brass lighting fixtures it offers and the techniques it uses in its metallic finishes. Read on.

Norwell Lighting- About the Company

The distinguished company has been an industry leader in the US for more than 75 years and is mainly known for its high quality solid brass interior and exterior lighting. The company has years of experience in the manufacture of residential lighting fixtures and offers a diverse array of products excluding its flagship brass lighting fixtures. From historic reproductions to contemporary designs, the artisans, designers and craftsmen at Norwell Lighting can take any kind of custom order and deliver finished products. ILEX Architectural Lighting and Davis Muller Lighting, the hospitality and commercial lighting wing of Norwell Lighting have created lighting for big names like The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret and Capital One Bank, just to name a few. Lastly, though it has been more than 75 years, the company has never failed to innovate and evolve with the changing interior design and lighting trends. The focus has always been on delivering high quality, beautifully designed brass lighting fixtures.

Norwell Lighting and Its Products

1. Sconces

Wall sconces are one of those lighting fixtures that are practically used everywhere. From bathrooms to highlighting art, sconces can be easily placed on any wall and they are good to go. Wall sconces and bathroom sconces from Norwell Lighting come in a wide array of minimalistic, contemporary designs and shapes. All of sconces are strictly made from high quality, solid brass and adorned with a wide variety of metallic finish at the end.

2. Pendants

Norwell Lighting also specializes in the manufacture of beautiful to look at, aesthetically pleasing pendants for dining areas and kitchens. Minimalistic in nature and embodying a contemporary form, these pendants made from solid brass are also available in a variety of metallic finishes. Aged bronze, architectural bronze and brushed nickel are few of those metallic finishes.

3. Onion Lights

Onion lights are indeed the true definition of rustic light fixtures and certainly they are also one of the flagship products of Norwell Lighting. These onion lights are specially designed to imitate the actual onion lights that were used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Designed for exterior lighting and equipped with LED bulbs, these onion lights are made from solid brass that can withstand extreme conditions like sun and rain. Both wall and post attachable variants are available with the manufacturer.

Metallic Finish Available With Norwell Lighting

Be it rustic lighting fixtures or contemporary ones, the final finishing is very important for the fixture to look beautiful and polished. Especially metallic finishes add their own distinct characteristic to the fixture and accentuate its look and feel. Aged brass, architectural bronze, brushed nickel, polished nickel, sienna, verde, chrome, brushed chrome etc. are few of the most popular metallic finishes Norwell Lighting offers. Acid dipping, hand dipping, hand rubbing, painting and plating are few of the techniques used to give these metallic finishes.

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