The Resurgent Popularity of House of Troy Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps used to be ubiquitous in American households until the rise of wall lighting almost put their use out of favor. Floor lamps were often associated with older homes with insufficient wall lighting. Now floor lamps are again coming back to popularity among home buyers. The reasons are not hard to find.

  • Floor Lamps can be used for diffused lighting in rooms. The use of shades keeps the light from hitting the eyes and directs the light downward and upward. This function of floor lamps is used by interior designers to create niches through the use of lighting.
  • Floor Lamps come in a wide array of designs and finishes, so they can be chosen to complement the furniture and draw attention to the décor in a very subtle way.
  • Floor lamps are easy to set up and install, thanks to the use of floor outlets. The wires can be concealed as easily as wall wiring.
  • Newer designs of Floor lamps do not take up as much space as before because of lighter materials and the use of LEDs for lighting.
  • Floor lamps create a sense of intimacy in the décor with their soft lighting. This is hard to get with conventional wall lighting.

House of Troy has sensed the demand for floor lamps among its buyers and beefed up its range with a wide variety of models. Let’s take a look at the outfit’s range of House of Troy floor lamps:

Slim Line Floor Lamps:

Slim Line Floor lamps use a single pin LED tube lights to create a wide throw of light. The design is a throwback to older models that used fluorescent lights with instant start. Slim line lamps from House of Troy can be ordered in different finishes like Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. These lamps throw light downward. They are great for use in reading niches.

Fixed Floor Lamps:

These floor lamps do not have a movable light element, so they can mostly be used for decorative purposes. These models come with elaborate shades made of glass or cloth. The stand and stem have stylish decorative elements. House of Troy has some interesting combination models with a convenient glass table around the stem for holding knick knacks. Fixed Floor Lamps can be placed to light up niches around the house.

Adjustable Floor Lamps:

There are two types of adjustable floor lamps- adjustable arm lamps and height-adjustable models. The adjustable arm lamps have a movable swing arm to change the orientation of the lamp head. With the use of LEDs these lamps can be made very light weight and stylish as the lighting element has become very compact and more efficient compared to halogen lamps and fluorescent tube lights. Some of the popular swing arm floor lamps are Newport, Otis, Hyde Park and Pinnacle.  These lamps come in finishes like Satin Brass, Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Height adjustable lamps have a telescopic stem to change the height of the lamp head manually. Some examples are Vision, Hyde Park and the Portable LED Piano Lamp. There are variations in the design too. For example, House of Troy’s Tripod Collection uses three tripod legs which can be spread to lower the lamps height, much like a photographer’s tripod stand. These adjustable lamps can be used for lighting up a musician’s performing area, den, a work bench or a reading area.

Floor Lamp Shades:

The days when a limited array of material colored glass, cloth or bulky metal was used for lamp shades is long gone. Now designers have a much wider array of materials to work with. New lampshades are free from fading or heat marks which were common problems when hotter incandescent lamps were in use. There also used to be risk of children and pets touching the warm shade or lamp. That has been eliminated with the introduction of LED lamps. House of Troy uses glass, fabric, brass and innovative plastics for its shades.

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