Stylish Table Lamps from Hubbardton Forge for Your Task Lighting Needs

Fixtures for task lighting are designed specifically to aid you in performing intricate tasks that require focused illumination. Table lamps are one of the most used lighting fixtures of this type. As with other types of light fixtures, table lamps traverse trend and design cycles to stay abreast of latest styles and picks that dominate the market. Hubbardton Forge, who stay proud in being the modern American blacksmiths, brings you a wide range of table lamps for task lighting purposes. Hubbardton Forge table lamps include traditional, transitional, contemporary, industrial, and even arts and crafts products, which find their fit in any modern home, no matter the décor scheme. Here are a couple of interesting picks from the product range.

  • Bob

The Bob is less of a table lamp and more of an arts and crafts product that decorates a table, task, or reading space. The illumination from Bob happens in a rather unique fashion – the down light flows through an opening at the bottom, while intentional light leaks around the spinning to create an illuminating wash around the product. A sculptural element of Black with Brass accents, Bob is a light fixture that boasts of a steampunk style, and can be rotated on the pipe that it hangs.

  • Henry

Henry is unmistakably an industrial styled table lamp. Copper rivets, spun metal shades, and incandescent Edison bulbs give the lamp an exposed feel, and evoke strong industrial aesthetics. A closer look reveals the high level of craftsmanship on this light fixture finished in a Bronze body and Soft Gold element. The product can be customized with other finish options on the stem and shade, such as Mahogany, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Natural Iron, Black, and Vintage Platinum. The lamping too can be given a more contemporary appeal with the use of an LED light source.

  • Encounter

A look at some of the products from Hubbardton Forge actually make you wonder whether the one in front of you is really a light source or not. The Encounter table lamp is one such fixture deigned to bowl over anyone who comes across it. Rich in artistic style, the lamp features a hand-bent LED light guide through which light flows brilliantly. The illumination shows off the texture of the gentle curves of hand-forged steel, which lend the piece a breathtaking beauty. Finished in Dark Smoke, this table lamp ( serves nothing less than being a focal point in any setting.

  • Cavaletti

This table lamp derives its inspiration from the support and bars that horses jump during competitions. It features a square bar stock of steel heated in the forge at Hubbardton, and skillfully drawn out to a taper, before being interlocked to form the base structure. Atop this body sits a box like lampshade in incandescent light, covered by a flax shade, which can be altered to a choice of Doeskin Suede, Terra Suede, Eclipse, or Natural Anna. Even if you aren’t very fond of horses, you sure cannot dislike this beautiful light fixture.

  • Fullered Impressions

This table lamp is yet another artistic product built on the beauty of sweeping metal curves and a fabric shade. This lamp, when it was first built, included impressions in the steel created by a fuller hammer. Today, it continues to draw inspiration from this phenomenon in full through its curves, however sans the fuller. The light fixture, crafted at Vermont, comes in Dark Smoke and Eclipse shade, with an incandescent light source.

The collection of wrought iron table lamps from Hubbardton Forge make brilliant statements in any home. From simple and elegant designs to more straightforward ones, their lineup includes some of the most stunning products that any consumer can ever come across.

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