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Wall Sconces are quite predictable in design, so much so that home buyers cast their net far and wide to find interesting pieces for their home. The variations in most designs are quite predictable, which may suit most buyers. However, there is a significant section of customers who like quirkily designed lighting fixtures. Troy Lighting is one firm that has broken conventions in wall sconces. The firm’s designers appear to delight in blurring the boundaries between form and function in many of their sconces. The firm calls its design approach a sophisticated casual aesthetic. Broadly, Troy Lightings sconces may be grouped into ornamental, industrial style and Nature Influenced categories. Let’s take a look at the range.

Ornamental Sconces

Troy Lighting’s ornamental sconces are designed to evoke classic designs with polished bronze finishes and elaborate metal work. The firm deviates from convention by using less-widely used materials like hand-worked iron and wrought iron which give the sconces a pre-Industrial look. Some of the iron sconces introduced by Troy Lighting are Chime Ada, Corsica, Pier 39 and Pompeii. The outfit also has a baroque European range of sconces with plenty of polished bronze and crystal-cut glass. Luxembourg, Siena, Seville and Delacroix look like mini chandeliers with hanging bead shades and crystal drops. Geometry-inspired sconces like Vortex with its iron spiral and Insight with a perfect circle for holding the base are very popular among buyers. Cymbal has a circular brass plate behind the lamps, with a series of marks similar to a well-worn drum kit cymbal.

Industrial Style Sconces

Troy Lighting’s industrial style sconces hark back to the 1920s when the use of aluminum became widespread in homes. The use of aluminum is much lesser these days. The firm’s Raleigh sconces have aluminum bodies with an old silver finish. The solid lampshade also has a faux name plate embossed in the body. Toledo is a similar sconce with a shallower shade. A feature of industrial designs is the exposed rivets on the body. The Fly Boy sconce has a combination of aged brass and aluminum on the solid shade, which makes it perfect for ambient lighting. Menlo Park sconces feature a glass case suspended by a metal string from a basic bracket. A candelabra lamp is used to give an antique appearance. There are also bar sconces like Atlas which can be mounted with the lamps aligned vertically or horizontally. The shade is formed out of a hand wrought iron net with fine holes through which the lam lights can be seen. Mercantile Sconce is shaped like a bamboo carrier used in China with two shades balanced on each end like baskets which traders used to carry their goods. Jackson and Pike Place sconces use the exposed candelabra lamps with minimal metalwork to recreate an antique appearance. Prism sconces use a thick refractive cut-crystal shade to create a play of light beams.

Nature-Influenced Lighting

The nature-influenced sconces and chandeliers from Troy Lighting are the best example of the outfit’s flouting of design conventions. The designers take inspiration from firewood, drift logs, smoke spirals, leafy twigs and even the atomic cell structure to create some stunning wall sconces. Rustic lighting fans will greatly enjoy these sconces. Revolution is a steampunk interpretation of a wall sconce. It is made of wrought iron with a prominent gear wheel mounted on the base. Uni sconces appear like a bunch of cane sticks bunched together at the center with a thick bronze ring. The lamps are completely concealed by the metalwork. Serengeti sconces appear more like three-dimensional mounted sculptures, with a reamed metal fore plate that appears like the river tracks on the African floodplains. The sconce is completely enclosed by a cuboidal box which heightens the impression of viewing a framed artwork. Sanctuary is made from a single iron wire expertly twisted round and round till its gives the appearance of a cup. The Drift sconces use iron rods molded and bent to look like driftwood. An aged bronze finish with silver accents gives the sconce a premium appearance.

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